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Tadoba Tiger Reserve (Nagpur) Tour

Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve is a popular tourist destination in India. There is significant increase in tourist’s inflow during the recent years.

How to reach : Arrive Nagpur – Tadoba National Park (140 Kms. 03.5 hour drive)

Schedule : Early in the morning the jeep will pick you up from the resort for the jungle safari. The morning safari will get over by 11 AM and you will be back to resort for break-fast. After Lunch , at 2PM sharp the 2nd trip starts, this is the most suitable time to spot a tiger. You will be returning by 6 PM.

Legend holds that Taru was a village chief who was killed in a mythological encounter with a tiger. A shrine dedicated to the God Taru now exists beneath a huge tree, on the banks of the Tadoba Lake. The temple is frequented by adivasis, especially during the fair held every year in the Hindu month of Pausha, between December and January.

Tadoba Andhari Reserve is the largest national park in Maharashtra. Total area of the reserve is 625.4 square kilometres (241.5 sq mi). Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve area constitutes a unique ecosystem, comprising, wide variety of flora and fauna including diverse and rich avi-fauna with unique natural scenic beauty.

The area represents Southern Tropical Dry Deciduous Forests in the Tiger habitat. It has a viable population of 40+ Tigers with high frequency of Tiger sighting.

Beside Tiger, it is abode to number of prominent wild denizens like Leopard, Wild dog, Sloth bear, Gaur, Sambar, Barking deer, Cheetal, Chausinga, Nilgai, Wild boar alongwith rare ones like Ratel, Flying squirrel, Pangolin and Rusty spotted cat. The continuity with forests of Chandrapur, Bramhapuri and Central Chanda Division enrich the conservation prospects of these species.

General inputs

  • The park is open for visitors from 15th October to 30th June every season and remains full-day closed on every Tuesday.

  • The vegetation of Tadoba forest is of Southern tropical dry deciduous type and is spread on around 626

  • Teak is the prominent tree species in the forest and there are a few lakes, which makes sure the park has rich water resources.

  • Major part of this forest lies in the hilly area, thus many hillocks and terrains provide shelter to the wild animals here.

  • It has a dense forest area, smooth meadows, deep valleys, and a great atmosphere to stabilize more numbers of tigers.

  • The main attraction of the Tadoba National Park is Jungle or Tiger Safari in an open top gypsy.

  • There is good chance to spot the shy Sloth Bear and Wild Dogs.

  • One can find some of the Central India’s best native woodland bird species in this forest.

  • Accommodation facilities are available and are mainly concentrated among two of its popular entrance gates i.e. Kolara Gate and Mohurli Gate.

We have visited the park as part of a 3 day tour and had spotted 6 tigers and cubs.

Few of our encounters are below :

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