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Guide to getting a good sleep while traveling

Traveling can provide a perfect opportunity for top-notch slumber—after all, there’s no sink full of dishes to taunt you. But being away from home can also come with unfamiliar and unpleasant sounds, smells, and more, making it hard to relax. We surveyed travel experts who’ve logged hundreds of thousands of miles the world over for their best tips on sleeping well away from home.

Book a room with the same size bed that you sleep in at home.

A pair of earplugs is a must-have for many travelers, but its better to steer clear of any external noise as much possible by avoiding rooms near elevators, AC closets etc.

Make sure the air conditioner in your room works right when you arrive—not when you’re about to go to sleep.

Stick To Your Home Routines.

Make sure that the room is dark and no list is escaping to disturb your deep sleep.

Power off all your gadgets (Mobile, Laptop, etc) to avoid being woken up by non-urgent calls or texts in the middle of the night when you’re traveling across time zones.

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