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10 Best Children Friendly Holiday Destinations in India

Everybody loves a vacation, but for families with children, it is quite a task to decide their destination. With their low attention span and fickle minds, kids lose interest in an instant. And, if the spot is not up to their liking, then you can say goodbye to a fun-filled vacay. Here's a list of holiday destinations in India which are perfect for children, while letting parents unwind at ease.

1. Darjeeling - Aboard the Toy Train

2. Ooty- Indulge in Yummy Chocolates

3. Manali- Fly Away

4. Udaipur- See Puppets Dance

5. Jaisalmer- Feed the Camels

6. Thekkady- Play with Elephants

7. Mahabaleshwar- Hand-pick Strawberries

8. Lonavala- Get your Adrenaline Rushing

9. Andaman & Nicobar Islands- Walk in the Waters

10. Agra- For the Love of Taj

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